History of Science


Contributions in the Philosphical Magazine

& Philosophical Magazine Letters


Revisiting Louis de Broglie's famous 1924 paper in the Philosophical Magazine
A nineteenth century discovery with enormous implications for the twenty-first century: a tribute to Zeeman's original paper in the Philosophical Magazine
John Kerr and his effects found in 1877 and 1878

All you need to konow about the Dirac equation

The Philosophical Magazine and the Periodic Table of Elements
Measure for measure
Laplace and the era of differential equations
Faraday and the Philosophical Magazine
The Discovery of Thermodynamics
Hamilton and the Square Root of Minus One
Niels Bohr and the Dawn of Quantum Theory
Arthur Cayley and the 'Gruppenpest'
On the role of women scientists: a case study
Magnetism was never easy: A historical assessment



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