Moving around ...




Per-Olav Löwdin







1973: Postdoctoral Fellow in Oxford

life-time friendship with Simon Altmann

comprising group theory, art history

& philosophy of science



ETHZ Höngger Berg




Rio Grande valley, New Mexico


Los Alamos National Laboratory, N.M.

New Mexico, "Land of Enchantment"

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA

Los Alamos "backcountry": Chaco canon

Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill.

Evanston, "outskirt" of Chikago


Art Freeman, Northwestern University

Peter Levy, New York University



Sabbatical at the NYU, New York, 2003 & blizzard


Chuck Sommers & Peter Levy

PW & Chuck Sommers


The big news: Walter Kohn got the Nobel Price 1998


Celebration in the Cafe Sperl, Vienna ...


... and in Paris




Walter Kohn's 80-th Birthday Symposium, Paris 2003



... and an overdue historic exchange of ties





Vienna, Hofburg



New York, Georg Washington Bridge



since 2008: between Vienna (home) and New York (home)


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